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Stephanie Hyde



Standing in our clients’ shoes

Fundamental to our brand and client service philosophy is the idea of putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes. We work closely with them to understand their industry and market challenges and how we can support them to achieve their objectives. These vary from the Audit Committee that expects robust assurance to the CEO looking to refresh their growth strategy.

It is vital that we listen to our clients. We try to do this as we work with them day-to-day and we also regularly measure how we’re performing against their expectations. We are keen to understand whether and how we are delivering value for them and whether they’d recommend us to others. They tell us that they value the committed and collaborative nature of their relationship with us and the pragmatic, tailored advice we give them. They value our teams for proactively sharing insights and bringing ideas and specialists to the table.

The CEOs and business owners we talk to face an unprecedented level of challenge and complexity, wherever they operate and whatever their sector. There are numerous issues on their minds: regulation, public scrutiny, accountability, ageing infrastructure, increasing globalisation, cyber security, and the shift to digital. We work alongside them as they deal with how these challenges affect their business.

We have been working with a number of financial institutions over the last few years, to help them work through the changing regulatory environment and review their structures and processes, particularly in light of the significant level of public interest in the sector.

We also analyse industry trends and concerns across numerous sectors. We published studies, surveys and research to share insights with our clients. Recent examples include Northern Lights: Where are we now?, which is a study into the importance of the changing environment that UK-based oil and gas businesses face; our Global Entertainment and Media Outlook, which highlights current trends in the complicated, changing world of media and describes their impact; and NHS@75, published in July 2013, which explores the concept of a future ‘healthy state’ and the steps needed to deliver this ambition.

Richard Oldfield

Markets and Industries


Delivering sustainable success

We try to give our clients confidence in their decisions for the long and short term, which helps them compete, innovate and achieve sustainable growth.

We helped the UK’s leading student accommodation provider, UNITE, to develop a new digital business model that will provide it with the growth prospects needed to meet its strategic aspirations. Our ability to draw on the knowledge and expertise of our firm, including specialists from our valuations, corporate finance, higher education and digital practices, played a big part in achieving this success. Our work with UNITE has opened up a number of hugely exciting opportunities that have the potential to grow the business, significantly expand its customer base and further enhance the brand. The diverse range of expertise that exists within our firm, when combined, is very powerful.

In the UK our Health team supported Sir Bruce Keogh in his review of quality of care and treatment provided by 14 hospital trusts in England. The approach we took in the review has been recognised as one that could shape the assessment of care quality in hospital trusts in England in the future.

In the Middle East we have been engaged to assist the Ministry of Health in Libya to quantify and finalise payments due to healthcare and other providers in a number of countries in Europe and the Middle East for the treatment of the thousands of people injured in the Libyan conflict. PwC was required to oversee a robust and transparent process to review the claims and make sure settlements and payments were made to the providers as quickly as possible.

Supporting UK growth

We are proud to audit many iconic UK-listed companies; Shell, Tesco and Barclays to name but a few. Our work offers a level of confidence to shareholders and the market, and creates a foundation for growth.

It’s important to us that we play a part in increasing the nation’s prosperity not only domestically, but also through inward investment. The more we support a transparent and trusted economic environment and help companies succeed, the more we can help drive growth, job creation and a sustainable UK economy. UK Coal was facing serious financial challenges and brought us in to help restructure the group, keeping nine mines open and preserving 2,000 jobs.

While our brand is strongly associated with our work for listed companies, we are incredibly proud of our work with thousands of private and family businesses. We work with home-grown organisations as they look to expand both in the UK and globally.

These businesses have a critical role to play in building a sustainable UK economy and we help many of them plan for the long term and develop into future global brands. It’s great for us to be able to support the Private Business Awards and help showcase the businesses that are the foundation of the British economy.

As we keep pace with the changing UK market, we want to acknowledge leading practice and champion innovation. We support the UK Tech Awards which recognise the contribution companies are making to the technology industry.

Operating globally

With the support of our global network we help overseas companies come to the UK and thrive. By working effectively cross-border, identifying the best people locally, and using our local knowledge and insight, the UK firm can bring a wealth of experience to support clients. For example, we have worked with businesses of the Tata group in the UK, a major inward investor and employer in the country, in practices ranging from managing risk to technology optimisation.

To help us have a better understanding of the international environment and how we can help organisations invest overseas and support inward investment we launched the Africa Business Group (ABG). This helps connect UK businesses with Africa and keep them abreast of current trends. The ABG complements our existing network of teams working with developing markets, including China and India.

Successful relationships

We want to deliver an exceptional experience for our clients every time so that they’re proud of their relationship with us and confident in the value we bring. When our clients are assured and confident, so are we – it’s about shared success and that’s what will make our business performance sustainable.