The ABC of audience measurement

In 2012, a team of assurance personnel together with experts in survey methodology, data analytics and mathematical modelling combined to create a groundbreaking new industry standard for measuring audience reach and quality: The Business Media Total Audience Certificate. Developed in conjunction with the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC), as well as publishers and advertising agencies, the certificate allows publishers to measure and report audience size and profile across multiple media platforms, including print, website, tablet and smartphone.

At a time when media budgets are feeling the squeeze, this innovative new approach enables publishers to demonstrate both the size and quality of their readership to their advertisers, while helping the advertisers themselves plan more effective campaigns.

The work has been celebrated not only for its benefit to individual clients, but also for its contribution to the wider media industry. Among a number of award nominations and short-listings over the past two years, we are delighted to have won the ‘Audience Measurement’ award from the Internet Advertising Bureau of Europe in 2012 for our work with Financial Times and, most recently, the ‘Cross Media Project of the Year’ title at the British Media Awards 2013 where the judges said: "With the proliferation of mobile devices, it’s become increasingly important to track audiences across platforms.  This winner is a credible alternative to current metrics that demonstrates great innovation ... and will be welcomed by all the industry!"

“In this changing media landscape, traditional print circulation seems a little anachronistic when readers are reading across all platforms"

John Ridding, Financial Times CEO

“As publishing is transitioning from a single to multi-platform business the challenge of accurately capturing the number and nature of audiences becomes ever more critical for the industry. We made the decision to undertake a new assurance exercise with PwC...we believe this is a bold step in shaping the future of media auditing.”

Phil Clark, UBM Digital Director

“PwC’s total audience metrics are a cornerstone of Centaur’s new data-driven strategy. We are investing heavily in audience development and the PwC certificates have enabled us to prove to clients that our media brands in print and digital reach the right people. Client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and agencies have praised our transparency.”

Tim Potter, former Centaur Publishing Managing Director

“What is particularly reassuring is the deep knowledge that PwC has of the media marketplace and accordant pressures and issues...the work Sam and his team have carried out has been of the highest quality and PwC are a trusted and valued media partner.”

Brendan Judge, Head Of Strategy, News International

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