Direct Line Group

In 2009, RBS began preparing Direct Line Group for sale. This called for the creation within Direct Line Group of a fully operational, standalone HR function to cater for the company’s more than 14,500 employees.

The stakes were high. Failure to achieve a successful HR separation by June 2012 would have potentially catastrophic effects – including risking the derailment of Direct Line Group’s initial public offering scheduled for October 2012.

With this in mind, RBS embarked on the HR separation, but by December of 2011, the programme was behind schedule and many stakeholders and external advisers thought that the June deadline was an impossible task.

We took on the challenge and proposed to lead the programme: committing to the outcome and deadline on a contingent fee basis. In delivering the engagement, we used a disciplined and highly innovative approach to condense what should have been an 18-month transformation into only half a year.

Facing off against relentless challenges, including the country’s first ever partner-led implementation of Workday (a new enterprise-wide HR application) at the core, the team delivered a fully transformed HR function on time, under budget and with all target service levels met or exceeded during Direct Line Group’s first three months of operation – including minimal disruption to legacy HR services and to the remainder of the business.