One goes from strength to strength

Last year we launched One, our ‘crowd sourcing’ platform where we invite a client to challenge the whole firm to bring fresh insights to business opportunities and deliver exceptional value.  We work with a client to formulate a question which is posed to all our 17,000 people on the One platform.  Any of our people can put forward ideas which are critiqued and developed by the PwC community.  This One Firm collaborative approach, combined with validation by our firm and client experts, makes sure that novel commercial solutions are developed.

After the success of the Vodafone challenge last year, One has continued to go from strength to strength.  During the year we were engaged to run a One challenge on Puffa, the quilted jacket brand, Wrigley and on the BBC.  Almost 10,000 of our people participated across these three One challenges, posting over 1,000 ideas and commenting almost 4,500 times based on nearly 75,000 page views.   They also cast nearly 18,000 votes and formed over 150 virtual teams.

“PwC has a unique offering which has inspired us to think differently about our business.  I was very impressed by the originality of the ideas and we look forward to seeing where this will ultimately lead.”  Hamish Thomson, General Manager of The Wrigley Company Ltd.

Mark Grabiner of MGM Agencies Ltd, who hold the licence for the Puffa brand, said “I have never seen anything like One.  PwC created some very special ideas in a sector which is known for its creativity.”

[Kevin Ellis, our Managing Partner], commented “One enables us to bring the creativity of all our people together for the benefit of our clients.  Over the coming year we are looking to further develop the One offering for the benefit of our clients, people and communities.