Scottish Hydro Electric (SHE) Transmission

SHE Transmission is currently building a new 400 kilovolt transmission line between Beauly and Denny in Scotland.  At present there is no approach to help assess the value of the full range of impacts, including consent conditions, of a new transmission line. Through the use of our Total Impact Measurement and Management (TIMM) framework, we have worked with SHE Transmission to develop a range of methods to measure and value all material social, economic, environmental and fiscal impacts in the UK resulting from the construction of the Beauly-Denny transmission line. 

The project is now in the process of estimating the value of the line's impact on areas such as visual amenity, cultural heritage, traffic, land use and waste, as well as considering taxes paid and the contributions to local and national GDP.  This approach will help SHE Transmission to communicate more effectively to stakeholders how planning choices and consent conditions affect the impact of the transmission line, including any trade-offs generated.   And by building jointly with SHE Transmission a transparent and quantitative framework,  they will be able to revolutionise the way that social, economic and environmental impacts are considered when planning and implementing future projects.  This will not only add value to the business but also value for society.