A secondment to Qatar

David Yates

David Yates is a senior manager in our International Tax team and he's on secondment in Qatar helping to build our tax practice in the Middle East


David Yates is a senior manager in our International Tax team. Having spent the past ten years working from London on some of our most complex cross-border assignments, we knew he was the right man for the job when we needed someone to go Qatar to help build our tax practice in the Middle East.

Moving away from the comforts of home, your friends, family and social circle can be daunting. But it’s a challenge relished by [dozens] of our people every year. We have a dedicated Global Mobility team that helps take care of the paperwork – residence permits, driving licences, working visas – so our people can concentrate on settling in and getting down to work.

According to David, the logistics quickly become a distant memory: “You soon start to realise all the good points – the opportunity to travel, the sunshine, the varied work, the new responsibilities, new clients.  And for me, I had the particular feeling of being part of something exciting as Qatar develops rapidly as a country. It soon starts to feel like home and then you can start to enjoy yourself.”

“It’s important to learn to flex your working style”, he continues. “The different ways of working and cultural approaches are a big eye opener.  Developing new skills is inherently important to a tax professional, so having the opportunity to experience, and possibly even accelerate, this learning curve has been one of the biggest benefits for me so far.”

When asked to sum up his experience, David said. “Moving somewhere so geographically removed and culturally different can be intimidating. But the variety of life – both professionally and personally – is extraordinary. PwC gives us the opportunity to experience overseas secondments in an incredible number of places – it clearly demonstrates the value the firm places on, and creates for, all of us. I’d challenge anyone to not find it an interesting experience.”