Our key performance indicators

We measure our performance against a number of key performance indicators (KPIs). Our strategic objectives are focused on achieving responsible and profitable growth. We believe that having a balanced range of KPIs is important to drive the right behaviours and to align strategy and performance. To this end, clarity and transparency are critical, which is why we are pleased to publish both our internal and external indicators.

PwC client experience

To help us understand how we’re performing and how our clients feel about us we talk with them regularly at face-to-face meetings and in-depth interviews with senior management.

We set ourselves high standards and aim to achieve them. Obtaining direct feedback from our clients helps us to improve and tailor our service and to add more value.

Advocacy1: 8.63 out of a possible score of 10

PwC people experience

Understanding what our people value about working for PwC and where we could do better is important to us and drives our strategy. We pay particular attention to the people engagement score which measures the motivation and satisfaction of our people.

People engagement2: 3.98 out of a possible score of 5

Leading firm – reputation and quality

Brand Health Index4

One of the key measures of our reputation is our Brand Health Index score. This independent survey measures us against the other Big Four firms every two years. Respondents are asked ‘Which of these firms comes to mind first as one that...?’. The review below was completed in 2012. Results from a new survey will be available in May 2014.

Brand Health Index7

Sustainability and community

We’ve been focusing on finding ways to minimise our carbon footprint and looking at how to make a meaningful difference to our communities; we also measure the social impact of these initiatives.

CO2 emissions4

Growth and profit

We have a strong and growing business, despite the challenging economic conditions. We continue to win new work, add value to our clients and invest for the future.

Growth revenue6:Up 7% this year. FY11 £2,461m: +6%

The Group

The PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Group consolidated within these accounts includes PricewaterhouseCoopers’ member firms in the UK, Channel Islands and Middle East. See pages 51-52 of the full report for further details of the Group’s principal subsidiary undertakings.

1Figures based on direct client feedback.
2 Figures based on internal staff ‘youmatter’ survey.
3 Figures for the year 2 July 2012 up to and including 1 July 2013.
4 The Brand Health Survey benchmarks PwC on a range of criteria and provides data in relation to our immediate competitors. It is commissioned by PwC and conducted every two years by a third-party research agency (Perspective Research Services).
5 Based on Defra guidelines May 2012. Prior year figures have been restated. See www.pwc.co.uk/corporatesustainability for details.
6 Measured in line with the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) principles.
7 Includes UK and overseas group entities. All other KPIs refer to the UK only.