Our strategic objectives

1. Leading firm:

Our ambition is to be recognised as the leading professional services firm. We want to remain number one in size and reputation in the UK in each of our core businesses and markets; we want to be recognised as leading our profession in the important public policy debates currently taking place.

2. Growth:

We want to remain the leading firm by revenue and continue to grow, investing in our future so that we leave the firm even stronger than when we inherited it.

3. Profit:

We want to grow our profits, invest in our future and competitively reward our people.

4. Quality:

We aim to deliver exceptional service and quality to our clients and focus on building a culture that delivers continuous improvement.

5. PwC Experience:

To achieve our goals and remain ahead of our competitors we need to offer our clients and our people a distinctive experience. This is why the PwC Experience, which defines the behaviours that support our culture, underpins all of our performance goals. And so we work to embed the PwC Experience behaviours in everything we do - to make them integral to our culture, or ‘Who we are’.