Beyond food foundation - transcript

Mark Baines, Chef, Beyond Food Foundation (kitchen chatter): Rob are you going to do the chicken liver?  Okay.  You guys are going to do the salmon.  Can I put you on the sun-blushed tomato one?  Brilliant.

Simon Boyle, Chef Founder: Beyond Food Foundation is a charity, a very small charity and we've come up with a really unique model that really inspires people from very vulnerable background, people that are either sofa surfing, haven't got a home, end up in hostels of some description and what they do is they start to decline in life.  So we say to them, hey life doesn't have to be like this.

Mark Baines, Chef, Beyond Food Foundation (kitchen chatter): Okay, a nice little goat's cheese mousse alright?

Juliette Palmer, Trainee, Beyond Food Foundation: I was filling out my CV in the hostel where I live and I saw a leaflet sitting next to me saying "Fresh Life".  So I read it and I phoned up and they asked me to come along.

Simon Boyle, Chef Founder: Once we've got to our 14 they sign off the benefit system apart from their housing, so they become employees and they join the apprenticeship scheme which takes them all the way through to the hospitality business as chefs.

Romans Sumakorovs, Trainee, Beyond Food Foundation: It's more than about the -- just about the cookery it 's about how to manage your kitchen and communication with people.

Mark Baines, Chef, Beyond Food Foundation (kitchen chatter): Put it in this one.  If you just put it on the top that will be fine.

Simon Boyle, Chef Founder: All the way through PwC employees help as mentors.  We have one to one mentoring and we also have group mentoring.  This really is about trying to get them to understand that they need to plan out what they are going to do with their lives.

Seminar presentation: You've been on a course, you've had time at college, been down in the restaurant, basically we are going to run through a few more things with you.

Gabriella Lauffer: You're giving people an opportunity, but you're not giving anything to them on a silver platter.  The skills they need to learn here are the skills that are applicable in any workplace. And those are things like how do you motivate yourself?  It's about keeping discipline, so I think that's also key.

Benjamin Heaton, PwC mentor: You're not just giving them money to aid them in their everyday lives and keep them kind of where they are if you like, your helping them gain a professional qualification.  They spend two days at college, your helping them gain professional skills because they work two days on Brigade, and after a relatively short period of time be ready for the working world and full time employment.

Juliette Palmer, Trainee, Beyond Food Foundation:  You could end up being a manager there, might be line manager for other coffee shops as well.

Mark Baines, Chef, Beyond Food Foundation:  We've managed to create each team of chefs that are now actually going out, spreading the world of the Foundation and actually saying look we are living proof that the Foundation is working, going really well.

Romans Sumakorovs, Trainee, Beyond Food Foundation: It is like my family and I will enjoy it to be inside of this family now.

Juliette Palmer, Trainee, Beyond Food Foundation: I expect to get a well paid salary at the end of it, and I can get myself a rented accommodation because it's so difficult to find housing, so that's my main aim.

Simon Boyle, Chef Founder: It is life changing for everybody involved.  It's like leaping off a cliff, they are elated so they jump and it's like whe-hey.  And then it's oh my god.

Benjamin Heaton, PwC mentor: If the apprentices really grab the opportunity and put in their hard work then full time employment is just around the corner.