The new UK Corporate Governance code: boosting your corporate immune system

The Financial Reporting Council’s (FRC) Corporate Governance code aims to improve the way organisations think about, manage and report on their principal risks and culture, with a view to making them more resilient and adaptable to change.

But are you letting this revised code just happen to you, or are you embracing it and exploiting the opportunities it can bring? If you see it as a benefit not a burden, and if you get on the front foot with your regulatory response, it can bring significant opportunities.

Any organisation lacking the ability to protect itself or adapt to change is only likely to survive as a result of luck. If you get your response to the updated Code right, it can help your organisation to manage internal control and become more resilient, instead of blindly focusing on cutting costs and aggressively streamlining operations.

Watch our video, featuring Simon Perry - our Enterprise Resilience leader, for tips on how to think about your response.