World Watch Issue 2, 2013

Need to know what’s on the minds of regulators, standard setters, business leaders and others as they set the course for improved governance, reporting and assurance?

This edition of World Watch (June 2013), shares our views on today’s hot topics and keeps you up-to-date with developments from around the world.

Opinion includes:

  • Keeping the lights on – interview with Steve Holliday, CEO of National Grid Group
  • How does your business model add value? And will it in 2020?
  • What does big business think about the Integrated Reporting Framework? Interviews with HSCB and Unilever
  • Conceptual framework debate – is it critical to engage?
  • Mandatory firm rotation: not the answer

News articles include:

  • Long-term financing of the European economy
  • Country-by-country tax reporting what’s going on?
  • More support needed for international standards (IFRS)
  • Survey finds disclosure overload and the will to fix it
  • Audit market investigation reaches critical phase

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