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Basel III and beyond: Standing up to tougher stress tests

The bar for regulatory stress testing continues to rise as banks are required to deliver more information, in tighter timelines and with greater senior management and board involvement.

Fit for the future: 17th Annual Global CEO survey

In this year's CEO survey, insurance CEOs are seeking how to reinvigorate growth and respond to the transformational trends facing their sector.

Basel Committee brushes up leverage and liquidity rules

Basel Committee brushes up leverage and liquidity rules

Leverage ratio: the impact on securities financing transactions

Leverage ratio: the impact on securities financing transactions

The Consumerisation of IT

Growing personal technology sophistication has meant greater demands on an organisation’s IT systems to provide employees the same level of IT and technology access in the workplace as they enjoy at home. In our view, the challenge for CIOs is to ensure they embrace this change and have the relevant systems and processes to continue to meet the standards of care and use for both the organisation and their employees.

IT Resilience: Restoring confidence in Banks’ service delivery

High profile IT banking system failures highlight the issues banks face resolving their systems issues and meeting the expectations of a demanding digital world. In our view, banks must see this as an opportunity to improve IT resilience and change IT so it can support longer term business growth. We believe banks need to create sustainable solutions and systems to avoid similar issues recurring in the future. Find out more about our Technology approach here.

De-leverage take 2: Making a virtue of necessity

European banks face a substantial capital crunch in 2014 through the combined impact of Basel III capital ratio requirements, leverage ratio requirements, the ECB Comprehensive Assessment, and possible further national regulatory developments. PwC estimates that total capital shortfalls in Europe will be in the vicinity of €280bn.

Precious Plastic: Growth, but not as we know it

PwC UK consumer credit industry, ‘Precious Plastic: Growth, but not as we know it’. Increasing levels of student debt mean that many graduates may delay taking out a mortgage

Deleverage take two: making sense of the revised Basel III leverage ratio

The leverage ratio has emerged from the shadows following the Basel Committee’s launch of consultations on a revised new global leverage ratio framework.

EMIR reaches beyond the EU

The impact of EMIR for those trading derivatives outside of the EU.