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Future shape of banking - Time for reformation of banking and banks?

Future shape of banking outlines four key areas banks need to address in order to remain relevant, as we argue that the future of banking will look very different to what we see today.

Banking Banana Skins 2014

Banking Banana Skins 2014 is sponsored by PwC and conducted by the Centre of the Study of Financial Innovation to explore what risks bankers worldwide are facing in the current climate and how they prioritise them.

Retail Banking 2020

PwC’s Banking 2020 report aims to provide insights and understanding into the future of the retail banking industry, which are critical not only to your actions today, but your plans for the future.

Protecting Client Assets

The FCA has fundamentally revamped its Client Assets regime (CASS), marking the most significant policy shift in recent years. The new rules should go a considerable way to enhance confidence in UK financial markets.

Basel III and beyond: Stretched to the limit

Basel III and beyond: Stretched to the limit: Dealing with the implications of the NSFR

Stress testing: April 2014 temperature check

This is the second of our monthly ‘temperature checks’ of key current topics, following on from our stress testing survey published in January.

Basel III and beyond: Standing up to tougher stress tests

The bar for regulatory stress testing continues to rise as banks are required to deliver more information, in tighter timelines and with greater senior management and board involvement.

Basel Committee brushes up leverage and liquidity rules

Basel Committee brushes up leverage and liquidity rules

IT Resilience: Restoring confidence in Banks’ service delivery

High profile IT banking system failures highlight the issues banks face resolving their systems issues and meeting the expectations of a demanding digital world. In our view, banks must see this as an opportunity to improve IT resilience and change IT so it can support longer term business growth. We believe banks need to create sustainable solutions and systems to avoid similar issues recurring in the future. Find out more about our Technology approach here.

De-leverage take 2: Making a virtue of necessity

European banks face a substantial capital crunch in 2014 through the combined impact of Basel III capital ratio requirements, leverage ratio requirements, the ECB Comprehensive Assessment, and possible further national regulatory developments. PwC estimates that total capital shortfalls in Europe will be in the vicinity of €280bn.