'Excellence in Reporting' in the FTSE 250

The period reviewed will be 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016, and we will review the annual report, sustainability report and supporting year end reporting documents such as preliminary results and accompanying investor presentations on the company's website. Our shortlist will be drawn from those companies that have performed well across the range of BPTA categories, showing excellence in all areas of corporate reporting and an ability to build real trust with their investors and customers.

This year’s award looks beyond regulatory compliance for companies “telling it how it is” and presenting a compelling and integrated narrative across the key pillars of strategic, governance, remuneration, sustainability, people and tax reporting.

Corporate reporting excellence is demonstrated when engaging, relevant, reliable and timely information is provided without unnecessary clutter; when a balance is achieved between the three pillars of reporting - content, quality and integration. Within content we look at the information the company has chosen to report – does it include all the critical, and relevant, elements our research with preparers and users globally tells us they need to understand the quality and sustainability of performance? Quality refers to the depth and materiality of the information – does the company use only qualitative information or is narrative supported with quantitative data, when relevant, benchmarks and targets? Does the reporting cover the past, present and future? Finally, for integration, we consider how well a company demonstrates a clear, consistent and balanced message across its communication channels and the linkage and inter-dependencies between the different elements reported, as well as relating them back to the strategic themes set out as key to company success in the short, medium and longer-term.

Underpinning our assessment of excellence in reporting are the concepts of innovation and trust. We will be looking for companies who lead the way with a fresh approach to meeting the needs of investors and other key stakeholders. 

This award will be judged by the BPTA Judging Panel sitting on 14 September 2016