'Excellence in Reporting' in the FTSE 250

The period reviewed will be 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015, and we will review the annual report and supporting year end reporting documents such as preliminary results and accompanying investor presentations on the company's website along with corporate responsibility reports where referenced.

As UK companies have now settled into the new era of strategic reports, our new award recognises those that have embraced the FRC’s guidance and gone beyond regulatory requirements to produce strong, integrated narrative disclosures in a clear and concise way that give real insight to their stakeholders. Good strategic reporting is not necessarily about more information but about de-cluttering existing structures, linking together key narrative elements and taking a fresh approach to traditional disclosures by exploring innovative approaches to meeting the needs of investors and other key stakeholders.

Specific areas we focus on include:

•    Reports that look beyond process and boiler plate to give clear insight into activity and progress across the key components of reporting such as strategy, business model, risks and performance.

•    A forward-looking orientation to the narrative including a description of the long-term direction of the company, supported by the short-term strategic priorities, actions and resources needed to pursue this.

•    An insight into the company’s business model, it’s dependency on key resources and relationships across its value chain, and how they’re managed by the company in order to fulfil its strategic objectives.

•    A consistent and compelling strategic narrative with explicit alignment between key elements of the company’s story such as the business model, risks, KPIs and remuneration. A clear, relevant, and dynamic discussion of the principal risks, including how they are assessed, managed and mitigated.

This award will be judged by the BPTA Judging Panel sitting on 15 September 2015