Taking numerical tests & more

Some of our assessments are done online, others take place in person.

Online Assessment

Ability tests as well as personality questionnaires can be administered online. If you are asked to undertake an online assessment, you will need access to the internet. Make the necessary preparations to ensure that you are not interrupted (e.g. turn off your phone and let people know that you should not be disturbed). Allow yourself more time than required for the actual test/assessment so that you can go through the instructions, and any example questions, at a relaxed pace. You can get first hand experience of taking online ability tests by doing an online practice test. You can visit www.shldirect.com and try one now.


Notes about SHL's practice tests

SHL is a company that specialises in producing psychometric tests. On the SHL Direct site you will find some examples of verbal and numerical reasoning test questions, similar to those you would find on real tests.

If you choose to complete the timed practice tests, you will be asked to register your details on this site. This is to help SHL develop a better understanding of who completes their practice tests and they will use this information to ensure the feedback you receive is relevant to you specifically. You won't have to wait for a login to be sent to you and you will be able to proceed directly to the test itself.

The actual test will be timed, so bear this in mind during your practice runs. The best approach is to work both quickly and accurately, so keep calm and think about your answers.

When you have finished practising on the SHL site, you can return to our site and carry on looking around.

If you complete an online ability test, we will review your test score in context of your application details and decide whether or not you are likely to be successful if we progress you to the next recruitment stage. You will then be advised accordingly. If you complete an online personality questionnaire your test results will be provided to you, in the form of a written report, once an overall recruitment decision has been made.

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Assessment in person

If you are invited to attend an assessment session, this will most often take place in one of our offices. You may be assessed on your own or with a group of candidates. If you are part of a group, please be considerate of any other candidates you meet, including respecting their privacy and confidentiality. If you are asked to take one or more psychometric tests at one of our offices, the testing session will be managed by a certified Test Administrator.

More about what happens at a test session

Ability tests are standardised to ensure that all candidates' assessment experiences are consistent.

Following a brief introduction by the Test Administrator, the formal test will begin. The instructions for doing the test will be read to you. This may seem a little stiff and formal but we do it for good reason: we want to ensure that each candidate that takes a test is given all the relevant information, accurately and completely. During each test's introduction, you will be given some example questions. These are provided to help you understand what you have to do before you start the test itself. You will also be offered an opportunity to ask questions before you start the test. If you have any questions in advance you might find answers to them on the frequently asked questions page.

Once your test session has been completed your scores will be considered, along with the other information gathered during the recruitment process, and a recruitment decision will be made. At that point you will receive a written report (usually by email) which provides you with a meaningful interpretation of your test scores.

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