Work in Tax

Every time you buy a packet of crisps, go to the cinema, download an app or get paid for your part-time job, some of your money gets paid to the government in tax.

Join us straight from school or college

We’ll support you to study for a nationally recognised professional qualification relevant to the work of your team. This will either involve study with the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) or a Certificate in Finance Accounting and Business (CFAB) with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

After your initial two years of training, you can expect to be promoted to the same level as a graduate joiner, and enjoy the same career progression opportunities from this point.

What is it?

Every time you buy a packet of crisps, go to the cinema, download an app or get paid for your part-time job, some of your money gets paid to the Government in tax. And it gets spent on schools, the NHS and a host of other public services. But it’s not straightforward.

As individuals, we pay different rates. So imagine how tricky it is as a business when you’re employing staff, making millions of pounds in profits or relocating to another country. And if you don’t get it right, there are penalties. That’s why it’s essential our clients understand their tax obligations and how to manage them effectively, ethically and within legislation.

Working in Tax means you’ll get to know everything about new tax developments and legislation. You’ll help our clients – from international businesses to wealthy individuals – plan for the future and manage their tax affairs effectively. Tax is always a hot topic in the media and managing the expectations of our clients is essential: tax issues can have a huge impact on our clients’ reputations, so we must advise them on how they may be perceived in the wider market.

What you’ll do

You’ll get involved from day one, talking to clients from our offices or at a client site, to understand their business affairs and discuss how the tax rules apply to them. You’ll spend some of your time working in a team to complete tax returns on behalf of our clients, while keeping up-to-date with tax legislation so you can understand how it affects your clients.

Is Tax right for you?

A lot of the work we do in Tax is influenced by the law. If you’re fascinated by law and what it means for our clients, a role in our Tax team could be right for you. You’ll also like to keep up-to-date with any tax-related changes, be systematic, have a good eye for detail and be passionate about helping clients come up with commercial and ethical solutions to their problems. And of course, you’ll be good with people too.

What you need

  • 96 or 112 UCAS tariff* depending on which area you join

*minimum requirements, plus a grade C or above in GCSE English Language and Mathematics (or equivalent)

We are aware there have been some recent changes to UCAS tariffs. You can use the UCAS tariff webpage to calculate your equivalent points under the new tariff. On your application form you will be asked for your grades/predicted grades rather than UCAS points so please do provide these and we will calculate the UCAS points.


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