Assurance is our name for audit and other related services. In this business area we examine and inspect our clients’ data to help them accurately express the financial and non-financial position of their businesses. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Think about all the money coming into and out of a business like a football club or fashion label. Some of it’s easy to account for, like clothing in a warehouse or ticket sales. But how do you decide how much a brand is worth or prove how valuable a player is? And how can you accurately reflect the value of these things in the financial statements? In Assurance, you’d work with clients to pin down the financial position of their business and how they can prove that value to the people it matters to, from the internal stakeholders whose interests we’re protecting, to external shareholders like banks and investors. 

An accurate understanding of the health of their finances is important to our clients. It means they can make decisions about what to do next. But it’s also important to the staff who depend on the client for employment, investors who’ve used their hard-earned cash to buy shares in the company, and the government or regulatory organisations whose job it is to make sure companies behave in the right way. So although Assurance means working with finance and numbers, it’s really about getting a deep understanding of a business, and how it operates from a commercial perspective.

What you'll do

Experience working on-site at our clients’ offices and building strong relationships with the staff to understand how their business works. Supporting a PwC team on an audit and producing a report on the financial position of your client.

What you'll need

An analytical, investigative mind and a keen eye for detail. You must also be good at working with other people and building strong relationships.

  • 280 UCAS tariff points from up to three A Levels (excluding General Studies) or equivalent qualifications. 

The exams must have been sat in the same academic year and we do not consider re-sits.

Please note that if you have a degree, you may find our graduate opportunities more appropriate. Having a degree does not lead to faster progression through this programme.

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