Change can be challenging, but nothing worth having comes easy. Some of the most positive outcomes in business are achieved through making big, complex changes. And when you’re going through change, it really helps to have someone by your side.

Consulting is all about helping our clients to achieve particular goals. They might want to work out what their strategy should be or how they could grow, enhance the skills of their people, or find more efficient ways to do things. The work, clients, and projects are varied, but they all have one thing in common – change.

As a Management Consultant, you’ll come up with answers to all sorts of important business questions. Like what makes a brand so successful that customers will pay a premium and keep coming back? How can businesses and their suppliers and networks operate in the most sustainable way? How can they make sure their staff are engaged, motivated and feel valued? You’ll help clients look at things in new ways, identify where they need to focus and make changes where they need to.

The internal teams who support our client work are vital too. Among many other things, they make sure our consultants are up-to-speed with the latest business developments and that we have the systems to support the complex work we do. As part of an internal team, you’ll see that our clients and our people get the very best from PwC.

The fact that every client and their priorities are different makes the work really varied and a client project could last for anything from a few days to a few years depending on how much work there is to do.

You might enjoy it if…

  • You have a keen interest in business and how organisations work, but don’t yet know where you want to specialise
  • You’re comfortable working with ambiguity and challenge
  • You’re flexible and enjoy change and uncertainty
  • You’re creative, and can look at things in a different way
  • You’re a strong communicator and can forge strong relationships quickly.

What you'll do

Join us straight from school or college and you’ll spend your first two years working with a range of internal and client facing teams to build your knowledge and experience. You could be carrying out research, collecting and analysing data to develop reports and recommendations, and helping our client projects run smoothly.

After that, if you’re successful, you can expect to join our Foundation for the Future graduate programme and rotate through each of our specialist areas before choosing which one you’d like to join long term. To read more about the graduate programme, and our Management Consulting work, click here.

What you'll need

Flexibility plus a love of variety and working with things that are unknown. You must also be good at working with other people, building strong relationships and helping to generate ideas or look at new things in a different way.

  • 280 UCAS tariff points from up to three A Levels (excluding General Studies) or equivalent qualifications.

The exams must have been sat in the same academic year and we do not consider re-sits.

Please note that if you have a degree, you may find our graduate opportunities more appropriate. Having a degree does not lead to faster progression through the programme.

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