When you buy your first car, you want to make sure you know what you’re getting for your money - who the previous owner was, whether it’s been in any accidents, what the risk is of needing to make major repairs. You want peace of mind that you’re making a sound investment. It’s the same principle in business - imagine how you might feel if you were preparing to buy or sell an organisation?

When our clients are doing really well, they may want to expand by buying another organisation or refocus by selling off part of the business. In Transaction Services, we help clients through the process of valuing and buying or selling a business, in much the same way you’d do with a house or car, to make sure the right price is being paid and everything runs smoothly both before and after the transaction.

In Deals, you’ll help our clients manage a wide range of financial situations, both good and bad. We guide public and private sector clients through major deals, organisational changes and strategic decisions. You’ll get to see close up how different organisations work and tackle every kind of business problem, helping to increase value while reducing risk.

The work is really varied, and you’ll work with lots of different types of businesses, anything from large financial companies to government departments. You’ll be working on important, high stakes projects at the forefront of business. A project you work on could last from a few days to several years, in which time you’ll be building up specialist skills and knowledge. We work on projects in almost every industry – each time helping businesses to make the right decisions for their people and their future.

You might enjoy it if…

  • You have an analytical, investigative mind, and a keen eye for detail
  • You like taking a commercial viewpoint based on your analysis
  • You thrive under tight timelines and with a bit of pressure
  • You’re sensitive to others and are good at building strong relationships
  • You enjoy the challenge of handling challenging circumstances or difficult situations must also be good at working with other people, building strong relationships and handling challenging circumstances or tight deadlines.

What we do

Transaction Services is a business focused on mergers, acquisitions and disposals. Deals are the most exciting part of the market, involving significant amounts of money, creating opportunities whilst assessing risk. Our Financial Diligence team (FDD) is a market leader, with the strongest private equity client base and largest share of high quality public company clients. Our clients are dynamic, we work with people we can relate to, advise and also have fun with.

School leaver roles are only available in Transaction Services in Northern Ireland, but you may be interested in investigating fraud and criminal cases as part of our Forensics team, or helping struggling business to turn things around as part of our Business Recovery Services team. You can read more about these teams, what they do and how you can join here.

What you'll do

The Transaction Services practice is growing rapidly and is projected to double in size over the next five years, creating great opportunities to learn and develop new skills. Joining us straight from school, you'll get involved in many different tasks, supporting and working alongside our FDD and Valuations teams. You'll learn about all aspects of a deal and you'll be given responsibility from day one.

Example tasks you'd be involved in could include:

  • Populating and analysing target information within deal data packs
  • Supporting the delivery team in project administration
  • Reviewing reports for quality and consistency
  • Performing company research and analytics
  • Basic initial company / asset valuation

You’ll start an initial 2 year training programme, gaining a Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (CFAB), a nationally recognised professional qualification with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). You’ll enjoy plenty of practical, on-the-job training and coaching, alongside time out to study for your exams. Once you complete this, you can expect a promotion and the opportunity for further professional study or development, depending on which direction you’d like your career to take.

This may involve travel and the need to stay away from home, as determined on a project by project basis.

What you'll need

An analytical, investigative mind, a keen eye for detail and the ability to offer a commercial viewpoint based on your analysis. You must also be good at working with other people, building strong relationships and handling challenging circumstances or tight deadlines.

  • 280 UCAS tariff points from up to three A Levels (excluding General Studies) or equivalent qualifications.

The exams must have been sat in the same academic year and we do not consider re-sits.

Please note that if you have a degree, you may find our graduate opportunities more appropriate. Having a degree does not lead to faster progression through this programme.

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The roles in Transaction Services are only currently available in Northern Ireland.