In Deals we help our clients manage a wide range of financial situations, both good and bad. We’ll guide public and private sector clients through major deals, organisational changes and strategic decisions.

We get to see close up how different organisations work and tackle every kind of business problem, helping to increase value while reducing risk. 

When an airline goes into administration, what happens to the people who’ve bought their flights? Who decides whether they’ll be compensated? Who pays them? How about the staff, who will employ them to deal with the customers ringing up to ask what’s happened?

What we do

Businesses in financial trouble are among some of the clients we help. Our Business Recovery Services team will go into a failing business and work with the client to turn things around, restructure the business, find someone else to take it on or help to run the business down so it can be closed. You might be surprised to know it can take years to get a business to the point where it can shut its doors, and often there are other solutions which mean it doesn’t need to come to that.

On the other hand, when our clients are doing really well, they may want to expand by buying another organisation or refocus by selling off part of the business. Our Transactions Services team helps clients through the process of valuing and buying or selling, in much the same way you’d do with a house or car, to make sure the right price is being paid and everything runs smoothly. When our clients need to get to the bottom of particularly complex issues, it’s our Forensic Services team that are best suited for the job. The team work with the client to investigate, analyse and resolve anything from a fraud allegation or a merger and acquisition dispute, to an accounting irregularity or a regulatory breach. Working with Forensic Services, you’ll provide expert advice on how to move forward and get involved in investigating the issues that make the headlines.

What you'll do

Experience working on-site at your clients’ premises and talking to the staff to understand how their business works.

What you'll need

An analytical, investigative mind, a keen eye for detail and the ability to offer a commercial viewpoint based on your analysis. You must also be good at working with other people, building strong relationships and handling challenging circumstances or tight deadlines.

  • 280 UCAS tariff points from up to three A Levels (excluding General Studies) or equivalent qualifications. 

The exams must have been sat in the same academic year and we do not consider re-sits.

Please note that if you have a degree, you may find our graduate opportunities more appropriate. Having a degree does not lead to faster progression through this programme.

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