Every time you buy a packet of crisps, go to the cinema, download an app or get paid for your part-time job, some of your money gets paid to the government in tax. And it’s vital to the survival of schools, the NHS and a host of other public services.

But it’s not straightforward – there are complicated rules about how much we all need to pay depending on our situation, which can be difficult to understand and navigate. So imagine how complex it becomes, and how many different kinds of tax you’d have to think about if you were employing staff, making millions of pounds in profits or relocating to another country.

Many of these things are everyday business for our clients, and these days tax is headline news, making it more important than ever that our clients can be confident that they’re working within the scope of legislation and show that they’re doing the right thing, while also managing tax effectively for their business and their staff.

Working in Tax at PwC puts you at the forefront of new developments and legislation, engaging in important debate, and helping our clients – from international businesses to wealthy individuals – plan for the future and manage their tax affairs effectively.

You might enjoy it if…

  • You’re interested in the law and how it’s applied
  • You like keeping up to date with new developments
  • You’re systematic and meticulous with detail
  • You’re keen to have a career which puts you at the forefront of a challenging and ever changing environment, you’re passionate about working with other people and doing the right thing.

What you'll do

You’ll be talking to clients on the phone and face-to-face to understand their business affairs and discuss how the tax rules apply to them. Working in a team, you could be completing tax returns on behalf of our clients while keeping up-to-date with tax legislation and understanding how it might impact your clients.

You’ll start on an initial 2 year training programme where you’ll gain your Association of Tax Technicians (ATT) or CFAB (Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business) qualifications – both are highly regarded, internationally recognised professional qualifications, and which you study will depend on the team you join.

Once you’ve completed your first 2 years, you can expect a promotion, as well as the opportunity for further study, on the job coaching to deepen your skills, or to try a new area, depending on the direction you want your career to take. Within 5 years of joining, you could expect to be taking on a management role.

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