School & College leaver opportunities

Traditionally, there has only been one route when school comes to an end. University. Degree. Career. But things have changed. The world of business is changing, and there are now many professional opportunities available to you straight out of school.

Our opportunities are designed to help you develop your business skills while completing formal training and studying towards qualifications, alongside real client work with support from us all the way.

What’s it all about?

  • Real client work and responsibility – doing work that matters
  • Earning from day one – a salary and flexible benefits package
  • Professional study and qualifications – formal tuition and on-the-job coaching
  • A route into a long term career – 2 years to reach the level of a grad joiner

If you join us straight from school or college, you'll earn a salary and get experience from day one, while working towards a number of professional qualifications, which will often include a Higher Apprenticeship.

You've probably heard of Apprenticeships before, as a route into more practical jobs, like plumbing or building. Apprenticeships are available to you at Intermediate, Advanced and Higher levels. Higher Apprenticeships are designed to meet employers’ needs at a level equivalent to Higher Education. And in professional services, the Higher Apprenticeship is a new qualification allowing you to build a successful career in business with a large employer, without going to university or having a degree.

Some things you need to know about School and College Leaver opportunities

  • It doesn’t matter where you come from – you don’t need to have studied a related subject, have a particular background or set of experiences. Diversity is critical to the success of our business, so we’re looking for talented people from all walks of life to bring fresh perspectives.
  • They can take you all the way to the top - at PwC, this entry route gives you exactly the same chances of longer term progression as a degree would - just speak to the number of our partners who've joined on a non-degree entry route. There’s opportunity for everyone who joins us to progress and develop a long term career after the initial training.
  • They can put you in the fast lane - as long as you perform well, you can have the opportunity to reach the same level as a graduate joiner a year quicker than if you'd gone to university.
  • You can expect to be challenged - you won't be making the tea or doing admin work - we only take on School and College leavers into teams that have a genuine need for them, so you'll be doing real work and gaining technical knowledge from day one.
  • We set the bar high - to gain a place, you'll need to show us that you've got the key skills we look for, as well as a strong academic background. We look for the same core skills when we recruit for any of our roles across the business areas - so we're looking for talented people at every level, not just academic performance.
  • You're joining something special. You'll join us as part of a group, so along with our 2015 joiners, you'll be part of a strong network of lots of other people in exactly the same situation as you. We actively encourage you to learn from one another and support each other throughout the programme.

So what would be involved?

We provide a structured programme of development recognised and supported by both the government and professional bodies, to make sure you develop the full range of skills that you'll need, with support every step of the way.

There are three main parts to our School and College Leaver programme:

  • On the job learning - you'll join and work with one of our teams in Tax, Management Consulting or Deals, be coached by leading professionals and step by step learn to do the work required in your chosen occupation. You'll work together with your team to build a portfolio of your achievements.
  • Professional Qualification - this is a technical knowledge qualification, which will make sure you learn the necessary technical skills, knowledge and understanding of theoretical concepts as well as knowledge and understanding of the relevant industry and its market. For this aspect, you'll usually complete some study at college, receive paid study leave and undertake some professional exams.

  • Developing your business skills - this is about making sure you develop the core skills you'll need for a career in business like working in teams, problem-solving, and communication as well as making sure you've got the right level of literacy, numeracy and IT skills. The world of business is constantly changing and that means that having transferable skills is more important than ever.

What would an average day be like?

In professional services, there's rarely an average day. The work is likely to be varied and can sometimes be challenging. You can find out more about the nature of the work you'd be doing by looking at the pages of each of our business areas (Assurance, Consulting, Deals and, Tax).

Whichever part of our business you join, you'll support our teams, doing anything from using systems or doing research to drafting communication or going with senior workmates to meetings. You'll be based in one of our offices, but depending on your role, you may need to visit some of our clients’ offices. Gradually you’ll take on increasing levels of responsibility as your experience develops.

You’ll get a solid grounding in your chosen specialism plus regular training and updates to boost your development, so you'll spend some of your time studying at college, being coached on the job, learning independently or attending internal training events. We’ll give you study leave plus plenty of support, but you’ll need to study in your own time too. The hard work will be worth it when you pick up your qualifications, and the great thing is that by the time you complete your exams, you’ll have lots of valuable experience to build on.

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