You hear it called the digital revolution – the transformation of how we work and live, which is one of the great megatrends we believe will shape the world in the 21st century.


We use technical and business knowledge to solve our clients’ problems. 

Because we offer so many different technology services we need people with different experiences to help us deliver them effectively. Maybe you’re studying a Technology or IT-related subject and you know your Hadoop from your R and your Cloud from your Hana. 

Or maybe you’re studying an Arts, Humanities, Science, Engineering or Maths subject. We’ll teach you the technical things you need to know. You just need to have a passion for technology and be willing to contribute early on. No matter what your degree subject, we’re looking for people who are excited about harnessing opportunities presented by emerging technologies and influencing business. And doing that in a world that’s changing at an incredible rate.

Technology on a large scale

Our size means we have partnerships with Google for Work, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and other leading technologies. It also means our infrastructure is amazing, with few legacy systems to hold us back. People here get to work with the biggest names in any sector and the work itself can be front page news. We’re often the first to use new ideas or approaches – either our own, or something that’s been developed by a third party which they approach us to help deploy. In smaller tech companies you might hit a career ceiling. But not here. There’s always opportunity to rise in the fastest growing part of our business.

Working at the forefront of emerging technologies

From Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Reality, Blockchain to Drones, Robots to the Internet of Things,and 3D Printing to Virtual Reality, we’re on top of the megatrends. New technologies are emerging all the time, and we’re helping our clients to explore how they can harness and use them to their organisations’ advantage. That requires an entrepreneurial attitude, so we do things first and ask permission later.

For example, we’ve just opened a ‘drone centre’ in Poland, to find out how this technology can benefit our clients. We have purpose in what we do and edge in how we approach it.

We created the Hive in our Belfast office. A dedicated space for imagining, creating, exploring and delivering digital transformation. It includes our first ‘Innovation Lab’ in Europe – a specialist hub to bring together the best talent from around our global network to tackle our clients’ biggest business challenges.

We’re also a major sponsor of the Science Museum’s‘Our Lives in Data’ exhibition, which explores some of the diverse ways that our data is being collected, analysed and used. From toys that learn the personality of a child to become a better playmate, to new virtual reality tools created by game designers to help researchers understand vast collections of data.

We recognise that to bring value to our clients, we need to provide the best advice around technological innovation. With us, you’ll be at the forefront of new initiatives and explore emerging technologies and trends to help businesses. Whether that’s helping clients understand how technology can help them unlock their potential and protect their businesses, or using big data to provide insight and help steer strategy, this could be the right opportunity for you.



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That’s why people join us from all kinds of degree backgrounds. Find out more:

Technology Consulting

In the Technology Consulting team you’ll work across all industry sectors, delivering projects from strategy through to implementation. Technology is at the heart of business and is often a key driver and enabler of change. We work with many clients to define their vision and to plan how to get there. By joining us in Technology Consulting you’ll help build a lasting legacy of improvement and performance, working with leading technologies such as Google for Work, Oracle, Blockchain, SAP and MS Dynamics.

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Data and Analytics 

In Data and Analytics and Forensic Technology Solutions, we’re helping our clients rise to the challenge of analysing big and complex data sets with agility, trust and a business-centric focus. Join us and you’ll be working on high-profi le projects, applying the latest technologies, and working alongside industry-recognised specialists in Data Assurance, Advanced Risk and Compliance Analytics, Forensic Data Analytics and eDiscovery and Forensic Computing.

Find out more

Digital Trust

In Digital Trust we look at managing the risk associated with technology in business. We predominantly focus on assurance and consulting engagements supporting clients in the areas of IT Risk. This includes IT governance, business continuity, disaster recovery, and information security. You’ll be working across all industry sectors, with client opportunities across the UK either delivering IT assurance as part of the year-end financial audit or providing advice to clients on managing IT risks.

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Forensic Technology Solutions

In an increasingly digitised world, instances of fraud and electronic crime are becoming more common. Forensic data analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns within data, either to measure historic events or to predict the likelihood of future ones. Much of our work requires analysing vast quantities of electronic data, using cutting-edge technology and advanced statistical techniques to extract meaningful insights for our worldwide clients.

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Cyber Security

We deal with urgent issues facing businesses and governments today. We help organisations operate securely in the digital world. Our technical expertise enables clients to resist, detect and respond to cyber attacks, as well as understand risks and build better defences so they can effectively manage their operations. You’ll either join our specialist Cyber Security team, or take up an ethical hacking role in our Threat and Vulnerability Management team, helping our clients grow and innovate safely.

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HR Technology

Just as HR is being asked to do more, cloud technologies have evolved to enable rapid HR transformation, with broader functionality, intuitive usage and entirely new offerings that weren’t previously available – which is where the HR Technology consulting team look to provide advice.

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