Assurance overview

Our purpose is to build trust in society.

Providing decision makers with information they can trust and giving investors confidence. Our high-quality audit adds insight and value and shows if a company is sustainable and profitable.

Our role impacts everyone’s lives. From auditing local councils to make sure budgets are being spent wisely and for the benefit of the community, through to auditing the financial results of the UK’s leading businesses. Or providing assurance to online banking and retailers that they have the right controls in place to protect their customers’ money and data.

It’s work that matters. It matters for businesses, governments and society at large. And as a result of legislative and regulatory change, as well as the constantly evolving needs of our clients, tendering activity in the audit market is significantly increasing. These changes make it a fast-paced and varied career. There’s never been a more exciting time to join the profession.

Our graduate programme in Assurance provides you with the opportunity to work across all areas of Assurance this includes External Audit, Risk Assurance and Government and Public sector.

For you, joining our graduate programme this means:

  • A fascinating and challenging career. Being supported through a three-year development programme that will see you become a fully qualified Chartered Accountant and allow you to develop leadership skills, build on your strengths and reach your potential.
  • Variety and breadth. You could specialise in a particular industry or sector. Or you could enjoy working across all sorts of businesses
  • Being a pioneer. We create new markets. This means you’ll be in a job that keeps up with cutting-edge advances in technology.
  • Being part of an inclusive culture. Nobody works on their own. We’re supportive and collaborative.
  • Working hard. Being prepared to work at client sites, sometimes away from home, as well as in our offices.

We invest heavily around £120,000 per graduate hire in their training and development. If you join our Assurance graduate programme you’ll gain broad business skills that include commerciality, analytical capability and effective communication as well as a professional qualification. We'll be right behind you with full financial support and access to first-class tuition.

A hallmark of our approach is building skills through practical application. You’ll study towards a professional qualification either with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) or the Chartered Accounts of Ireland (CAI). This will take you three years to complete and through your portfolio of work, you’ll have the opportunity to put into practice what you’ve learnt in real-time. 

You'll spend the first stage of your career focusing on audit, learning about our business and developing key skills - building your business, personal and technical skills and studying. Studying can be tough – everyone completing accounting exams is a high achiever so the standards are high.  What’s more, you’ll continually apply what you learn into your client work - reinforcing your know-how and gaining an edge in the exam hall.  We'll expect you to reciprocate with hard work and commitment, investing your own time to study as required. You’ll have a people manager to help you identify your development needs. Although you'll have a tailored development plan, you’ll still need to take charge of your own development.

That means recognising if you need to boost things like your time management, project planning or report-writing skills, and investigating what resources we have to help you. Our new innovative and market-leading approach to our training programme helps you to learn in a way that suits your preferences and learning style. We’ll give you personal responsibility for organising your studies around your work. It’s an approach designed to offer flexibility in terms of what, when and how you study, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

After your initial training, you'll have the chance to broaden your experience. You might decide to investigate other areas of Assurance, different clients, project work or even another part of PwC's network.

The more experience you get, the more responsibility you’ll take on – from coaching junior colleagues in the early years to developing your team and leadership skills over your first five years as you approach Manager level. 

Be on course for a 2:1 in any degree discipline

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Our Assurance graduate programme provides you with the opportunity to work across our Assurance business. Join Assurance and you could find yourself involved in:

  • External Audit – you’ll provide market-leading audit services to an unrivalled range of clients
  • IT Risk Assurance – you’ll be part of our risk assurance practice, helping clients anticipate, manage and reduce risks to their IT systems
  • Public Services – you’ll focus on public sector clients, helping to make sure they’re spending taxpayers’ money wisely
  • Risk Assurance – you’ll set up and review controls to protect and strengthen every aspect of our clients’ businesses.

The following pages give you a little bit more detail on each of these areas.