Tax overview

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Our Tax practice is more than just Tax.

If you want to be part of a business that's committed to proactively engaging with the tax policy debate and focused on leading views or, working with organisations to help them make the most of their biggest asset: their people,  then our Tax practice is the place to be.

Our expertise covers every conceivable area of taxation and more. We have some experts working on wide ranging projects UK and globally. What does this mean for you? The opportunity to build your career working with a team of leading experts.

What is Tax at PwC?

Our Corporate and Indirect tax practice deal with clients of all sizes and find innovative ways to help those organisations reduce their tax burdens. By keeping pace with and understanding regularly changing tax regimes - at home and overseas - we help multinationals, UK companies, privately-owned organisations and family businesses manage their affairs efficiently. We work on projects ranging from preparing annual accounts to restructuring multimillion-pound property portfolios, and from buying a business to advising celebrities on the tax implications of their worldwide tours.

Our Human Resource Consulting practice is a wide ranging and diverse area that works in many different areas from ranging from helping clients define their HR strategy, to ensuring their HR function is effective, through to helping clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their workforce.

Whichever area you work in, we need people need to be agile and ready to build strong relationships, networks and leadership skills.

Our specialist areas

Where you'll build your skills, expertise and knowledge whilst completing your professional qualification. A hallmark of our approach is building skills through practical application. Whilst on our graduate programme you’ll study for a professional qualification which will take you three years to complete and through your portfolio of work you’ll have the opportunity to put into practice what you’ve learnt. The more experience you get, the more responsibility you’ll take on – from coaching junior colleagues in the early years to developing your team and leadership skills over your first five years as you approach Manager level.

It may be that you know what sort of a specialist you want to be when you join, or, you want to wait to see and where your career takes you once you’ve joined one of our teams. Given our practice covers all areas of Tax we can provide you with the opportunity to realise your potential. Aside from a great training and the opportunity in the future to go on secondment or work abroad, it’s difficult to truly convey everything that our tax practice can offer you if you join us on our graduate programme, but take a look at the profiles of some of our people who did join us to see where your career could take you.

Above all what you get out of your career at PwC depends upon what you put in. Whether it’s studying for your professional qualification or meeting those client deadlines all serve to give you the best possible training that can be offered and set you up for your career what-ever lies ahead.