19th Annual Global CEO Survey

What is on the minds of UK CEOs for the year ahead?

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UK summary

Our 2016 global CEO survey shows that UK CEOs are holding their nerve in the face of an uncertain world, taking a longer-term view on growth and planning to hire more people than their European peers. Our findings, based on a global research sample that included over 100 UK CEOs, also confirm that UK CEOs perceive more threats to their businesses than three years ago, as geopolitical and cyber threats increase. Importantly the UK is retaining its status as an investment ‘hotspot’ for CEOs across the world.

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The UK is retaining its status as an investment ‘hotspot’ for CEOs across the world. #CEOsurvey


It is encouraging that UK business leaders are holding their nerve against the uncertain global economic and geopolitical backdrop, and planning to invest heavily in creating new jobs and their own people. This longer-term investment should position UK companies well in the future.

Ian Powell, Chairman and Senior Partner

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A consistent theme of the Annual Global CEO Survey in recent years has been the impact of technological
change as a driver of business disruption and growth. This year’s findings maintain this theme, but with
some interesting nuances.

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of UK respondents are planning a cross-border M&A deal


While UK business leaders remain confident in the outlook for their own organisations, they have growing concerns about the global economy and the number of threats their businesses face. Despite this shifting risk landscape, UK business leaders are not letting short-term jitters about the global economy derail their longer-term growth and investment plans.

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of UK CEOs expect to see their headcount increase


As well as hiring more people, UK CEOs are planning to develop and retain their existing talent by improving their workplace culture and behaviours, managing their talent pipeline, and changing pay and incentives. What’s needed now is a focus on training and creating a positive environment for personal and professional development to try and close the skills gap.

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of UK CEOs say that over regulation remains their biggest concern

Role of government in society

When UK CEOs were asked about the impact that government has on their business, their responses underlined the need for business and government to work together for mutual benefit and the wellbeing of the UK as a whole.

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UK CEO interviews

We asked ten UK CEOs what they thought about the economy and the main trends and issues shaping business decision-making today. Hear Richard Pennycook and Nigel Wilson express their views and stay tuned for more videos and blogs to be released in the coming weeks.

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