Our sustainability commitments

Publishing clear targets reinforces our commitment to becoming a more sustainable organisation. It also provides clear goals for our teams and holds us to account for the impacts which are most important for our business.

Last year, we set new ten-year environmental targets, choosing to keep the same 2007 baseline as before for the sake of continuity and comparability. These targets challenge us further by ‘decoupling’ the environmental impacts of our business from our growth.

This year, we’ve chosen to extend our commitments to include targets for quality and ethics, as well as short term and long term targets for our workplace and diversity metrics.

See below for full details on our commitments. You can read about our performance against them in our 2013 Corporate Sustainability Annual Update.

Quality & ethics

On-going target

Assurance: Audit process compliance KPI

We’ll aim for at least 95% compliance each year for both audit and non-audit assurance work

Assurance: Non-audit process compliance KPI

We’ll aim for at least 95% compliance each year for both audit and non-audit assurance work

Ethical culture

We’ll aim for a score of 4 or above each year for ethical culture in our people survey, ‘youmatter’. This corresponds to a response of 'agree' or 'strongly agree'.

Breaches of external auditor independence regulations

We’ll aim to eliminate breaches of the external auditor personal independence regulations each year

ISO 27001: major non-conformities

We’ll aim for no major non-conformities of ISO 27001 each year

Workplace & diversity

By July 2017:

Graduate retention (3 years)

We’ll retain 85% of our graduates during their 3 year training period

High potential retention

We’ll retain 95% of our people who are identified as high potential

Voluntary turnover

We’ll maintain voluntary turnover at between 12 and 15%

People engagement score

We’ll achieve a score of 4.2 for people engagement in our people survey, ‘youmatter’

New hire diversity: gender - women

50% of our new hires will be women

New hire diversity: ethnicity

30% of our new hires will be black and minority ethnic

Partner admissions: women

30% of our new partner admissions will be women

Senior management diversity: gender - women

30% of our senior management will be women

Absence through sickness

Absence through sickness will be less than 3.5% of our people

Work-life balance

We’ll achieve a score of 3.8 for work-life balance in our people survey, ‘youmatter’

People performance

We’re committed to benchmarking our people performance through mechanisms such as The Sunday Times Best 25 Big Companies to Work for and The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers Survey


By July 2017:


We’ll reduce our energy consumption (in kWh) by 50% from a 2007 baseline


We’ll reduce the amount of waste we generate (in tonnes) by 50% from a 2007 baseline


We’ll reduce the amount of paper we consume (in tonnes) by 50% from a 2007 baseline


We’ll reduce the amount of water we consume (in cubic metres) by 50% from a 2007 baseline

Travel carbon

We’ll hold our carbon emissions from business travel (tonnes CO2e) flat against a 2007 baseline

Total carbon emissions

We’ll reduce our total carbon emissions (tonnes CO2e) by 25% from a 2007 baseline


We’ve also set an aspiration to ensure that all our waste can be recycled, eliminating incineration

Supply chain


Responsible procurement policy

We have a responsible procurement policy and are committed to using this to work with our suppliers to improve their performance and our whole supply chain.

Community Involvement


Programme relevance

We’ll implement programmes which address continuing and emerging trends in the community involvement agenda

People skills

We’ll work towards a greater emphasis on using our people's professional skills

Community collaboration

We’ll provide work experience and employment opportunities in collaboration with our local communities

Business integration

We’ll integrate our community programmes with other elements of the firm's corporate sustainability agenda, particularly people development


We’ll measure the programme's effectiveness, developing and rolling out methods to establish its outputs and impacts


We’ll support 25 schools across the UK to match national achievement standards. We’ll extend our PwC Social Entrepreneurs’ Club and support 250 social entrepreneurs to transform lives in the UK