Materiality - choosing our sustainability priorities

When it comes to sustainability, we want to make as big a difference as possible so we focus on the things that matter most. We agree our priorities based on research amongst our stakeholders and our senior leadership and we use them to set the direction for our sustainability-related programmes.

Our stakeholders have told us that we needed to be clear and transparent in explaining our priorities which is why we publish our materiality matrix. We review this each year and make adjustments if required, as the external and business context changes.

The matrix is aligned with our principal business and operational risks, informs our sustainability strategy and also shapes our approach to sustainability reporting. We concentrate on high-priority items in our annual report and give a more detailed and comprehensive review in our corporate sustainability web pages and updates.

For an overview of each issue click on the diagram, below, or for further details see our focus areas and our policies and standards.

Sustainability prioritisation matrix