Future-proofing Media: Understanding the European deals agenda

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Despite a challenging economic backdrop there were more European entertainment and media mergers and acquisitions in 2011 than 2010, particularly in the mid market. Four key trends were driving this deal activity in 2011:

  • The transition from traditional media to digital gained pace, as restructuring returned
  • Content providers and distributors are competing in each others' markets
  • Consumers demanding a more social experience, both digitally, through social networking, and through shared social experiences such as live music
  • Advertisers targeting digital opportunities

We predict these trends will continue to impact the sector in 2012.

Our report summarises the key deals in the sector last year, and the issues that we believe will be driving activity in 2012. It will be of particular interest if you are looking to grow your business through acquisition, or are considering refinancing, diversification or restructuring.