How much of an entrepreneur are you?


Whether you want to run your own business, transform the place you work or make a difference to society, take our light hearted survey to see if you have what it takes.

1. You suddenly have a free afternoon to yourself – how do you spend the time?

Take it easy
Work on my own project/s
Do something I’ve never done before

2. What’s your favourite board game out of the following?

Snakes & Ladders

3. When did you first earn your own money?

Before I was 10
Between age 10 to 16
Between age 17 to 20
Over age 21

4. You’ve won some vouchers – if given the choice would you:

Play heads & tails for chance of either doubling the vouchers or losing them
Roll 6 on a dice for a chance of getting ten times as many vouchers or losing them
Keep the vouchers
Take 1 in 100 chance of getting either a limitless supply of vouchers, or lose them

5. You’ve been given a parking ticket but thought the signs were unclear. Do you

Pay the fine promptly regardless
Ignore for as long as possible
Nothing - I don’t drive

6. Are you self employed

No, but I would like to be
No, but I was

7. If you could afford not to work, would you

Become a person mainly of leisure
Try to make more money independently
Pursue a philanthropic project
Focus on self-improvement , through courses etc

8. You get a new suitcase; what do you do with your half-decent old one?

Throw it away
Give it to friend
Give it to charity
Sell it on ebay

9. The first sunny day in ages has just been forecast but you’ve already planned to watch a film with a friend. Do you:

Stick with the plan
Suggest doing something completely different
Try and find an open air cinema/ take the TV outside
Leave it your friend to decide

10. You’re staying somewhere remote abroad, there’s no internet, you don’t speak the language, and are trying to find a local sight. Are you the person who’ll:

Ask people for directions, using sign language and improvisation to get the gist
Use the plans and maps you’ve printed off ahead of the holiday
Hunt for as long as it takes, confident you’ll get there in the end
Give up quickly so you don’t waste time

11. In the next 30 seconds how many uses can you think of for a paper clip (be honest)


12. If buying a new rug abroad and you manage to negotiate a 10% discount, do you

Accept the price and feel you’ve got a good deal
Accept but wonder if you could have got more off
Keep negotiating to get a larger discount
Offer to buy two to get a lower rate

13. If your train was unexpectedly cancelled, would you

Rally other people at the station together to share a taxi/mini bus
Abandon journey
Make your own way by other transport
Wait and see if disruption continues

14. If you agreed to help with a fundraising fete or street party, how would you typically contribute?

Bring cakes or other refreshments
Tell your friends
Man a stall
Attract local companies to supply produce/prizes

15. There’s a Grand National sweepstake at work and you’ve drawn your ticket- do you:

Study the horses and swap your ticket for a fancied outsider
Swap your ticket for one with a name you prefer
Find out who drew the favourites and offer to share your winnings
Stick with what you have

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