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Tackling bribery and corruption

The headlines are full of companies accused of corruption and bribery, and those charges have a huge impact. No business is immune to corruption – deliberate or unintentional – or its effects. Senior executives may be genuinely unaware of any wrongdoing, but the public often refuses to accept ignorance as an excuse. PwC's Anti-Bribery and Corruption team can help you safeguard your organsiation, its reputation and finances, ensuring its stability and competitive position.
Mar 2015

Investigative Analytics

Data is crucial to your business. Even on a good day it's hard to manage. And in times of crisis, the challenge is intense. At PwC, we thrive on solving complex problems. Find out how our Investigative Analytics Specialists, based locally and globally, can help you.
Mar 2015

Meeting the challenges of the crisis in Ukraine

Paul Robertson is joined by Ben Luddington and David Whitehouse as they have a short discussion on the impact of sanctions in Ukraine, from a financial and trade perspective.
May 2014

Tracing and recovering assets – a strategic approach

Mark Anderson, Will Kenyon and Lynne Rainey from PwC Forensic Services discuss how public record research and forensic accounting expertise can help clients effectively trace and recover assets across the globe.
Apr 2014

Global Economic Crime Survey 2014 – A snapshot

Since our last Global Economic Crime Survey, the business world has continued to transform. With the economy showing some signs of recovery, our 2014 survey looks at the current fraud landscape in the UK and the risks of doing business in a global market.
Feb 2014

Whistleblowing - Striking a balance

In this video Nick Conway speaks to Joel Osborne, a Director in our Forensic Services team specialising in integrity risk, and Cathy James, Chief Executive at Public Concern at Work, the whistleblowing charity, about the main issues and developments on the topic of whistleblowing.
Feb 2014

The changing face of regulatory investigations

In this short video PwC Fraud Academy Chairman and partner John Tracey speaks with his fellow partner and expert in Financial Services focussed investigations, Andrew Clark, and Forensic Technology Director, Jon Hayton about the changing face of regulatory investigations in the Financial Services industry.
Dec 2013

Codes of conduct - A barrier or breakthrough for corporate behaviour?

A snapshot analysis of how businesses are deploying their codes of conduct and how they’re being used to enhance their organisations behaviours and actions.
Aug 2013

Information Governance: Making the most of your information assets

In this video, PwC Fraud Academy chairman John Tracey joins Umang Paw and Melissa Suek to discuss the importance of information governance.
Jul 2013

Corporate Espionage: Responding to the threat

In recent years there’s been a continual rise in the threat to global business from state-sponsored, commercial and organised criminal espionage. Espionage can take place in many guises, but ultimately it is the act or practice of obtaining secret information by deception.
Jul 2013

Diagnosing bribery risk

PwC Fraud Academy chairman John Tracey is joined by fellow partner Will Kenyon and Robert Barrington of Transparency International to discuss their practical guide to bribery risk assessment which has been produced with our support. It provides specific, practical advice based on real-life experience on how to conduct an effective bribery risk assessment.
Jul 2013

Global Economic Crime Survey 2011

We have seen a 13% rise in fraud since our last survey and organisations see more fraud ahead. In today's technology driven environment, cybercrime is emerging as a serious threat to organisations. Read our global report to find out more.
Dec 2011

Global Economic Crime Survey 2011 - UK report

Economic crime remains on the rise in Britain as business and public sector organisations struggle in the face of economic austerity and spending cuts. Over half of UK respondents experienced economic crime in the last 12 months. This report analyses the impact on UK organisations.
Nov 2011

Rogue trading: Prevention and remediation

In this video we discuss remediation programmes and themes associated with incidents of rogue trading.
Nov 2011

Rogue trading: Reducing your risk

With rogue trading once again in the headlines, we know that you will have been considering the robustness of your own controls in this area.
Nov 2011

Business ethics and integrity

In this video John Tracey and Tracey Groves discuss the challenges and importance of conducting business with integrity in an ethical and trustworthy manner.
Oct 2011

Tone from the Top – Transforming words into action

90% of respondents agree that Tone from the Top is critical to management of Fraud, Corruption and Ethical Behaviour risk. However words are not being transformed into action. Are leaders just playing lip service to ethics?
Jun 2011

Cutting costs and cutting fraud

The percentage of public sector organisations suffering from fraud has risen to 60%, with ‘accounting fraud’ prevalent and a worrying rise in fraud perpetuated by employees, according to our survey of senior public sector representatives.
Apr 2011

How to assess your green fraud risks

In a new paper by PwC, How to assess your green fraud risks, we explore fraud risks in the sustainability market and the steps you should take to mitigate or eliminate them.
Feb 2011

Fraud in a Downturn

The Fraud in a Downturn whitepaper considers whether fraud and integrity threats are changing during this period of economic decline and, if so, how. Looking forward, we consider the issues that boards of directors and audit committees need to beware of in 2009: the frauds that may emerge and the likely regulatory response. Finally, we describe the strategies enlightened organisations are implementing to manage short term risks and to enhance stakeholder value in the longer term.
Mar 2009