Commodity Management

Commodity price volatility and market complexity is the 'new normal'. These impact businesses across different industry sectors in different ways. We see markets for commodities becoming more complicated as regulators introduce significant changes to the way commodity markets are controlled. These changes mean organisations must understand the importance of managing uncertainty and other variables effecting financial performance. With this in mind companies are engaging in commodity trading to add flexibility to their financial position characterised by a collective view of risk and a desire to create certainty in commodity price management.

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Commodity risk - An over overview of the issues and opportunities

Paul Ward discusses the challenges for business of increased commodity risk and regulatory complexity and outlines why it is crucial for companies to take action.

Managing the risk of fraud in commodity trading

Considers how companies manage the risk of fraud within commodity trading.

Actively managing commodity risk for competitive advantage

Considers commodity risk for companies and how this is having a direct impact on company performance.

Optimal control trading environment some key considerations for commodity trading

Optimal control environments for commodity trading including IT & cyber risks, rogue trading, reputation and regulatory risk and lessons learned from the banking sector

Managing the impact of regulation for commodity companies

Considers commodity companies approach to a range of new regulation designed for financial markets.