Driving success through...Policy!?

Phil leads our Social Media Governance service

What type of policy does your organisation have for the use of social media? The subject of policy doesn’t need to be as dull as it may sound at first. It goes without saying that an effective policy will help manage risk for your organisation. But when it comes to social media it’s time to rethink your policy. Who says it even needs to be called a policy? Why not guidelines, a rule book or even a playbook?

A policy must give clear advice about what an employee can and cannot do in social media, but writing your policy to fit the culture of your organisation should help you see positive results. You don’t want your employees to do anything silly on social media but at the same time you want to reap the benefits and empower your people to use it in the right way. To do this, develop simple guidelines which put social media into context. And can speak to the people in your organisation in a way that they can relate to will help them understand how they can use it to best effect while at the same time making sure they don’t do anything untoward.

Do you have one policy for external social and one for internal, enterprise social? Essentially, the objective is the same – “don’t do anything silly!” Silly actions may gain more attention in the external environment but the consequences of a data breach internally can be just as serious. So, perhaps it’s time to have one, simple to understand ‘policy’ which spells out how social should be used.