Good growth

One of the toughest questions for today's governments is how to achieve balanced growth that is financially, socially and environmentally sound. Against this backdrop, with Demos we have developed our 2013 index to measure ‘good growth' for UK cities.




How our cities can be the engines of good growth

In this short discussion video, Andy Ford from PwC talks to Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Leader at Portsmouth City Council, Duncan O’Leary, Deputy Director at Demos and Nick C Jones, Director of our Public Sector Research Centre about the findings from our recent report ‘Good growth for cities’.

The citizens' view of good growth

In April 2011, PwC, BritainThinks & Demos convened a group of 31 members of the public, drawn from a range of different backgrounds - to investigate what the people of Britain think is needed for future economic growth.

Good growth index - Our report on economic wellbeing

We have been working with general public, businesses, politicians and policy makers to develop an index for 'Good Growth’, with recommendations for government on how this can be achieved.

PwC and Demos “good growth index findings"

Norway, Germany and the Netherlands are the top countries to live and work in among major Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries, according to our new Good Growth index.