Hourglass issue 27: Putting HR at the centre of your people strategy

Creating the right strategy for global mobility

Increased global mobility means increased challenges for international HR functions. In issue 27 of Hourglass, our regular magazine for HR directors and HR professionals, we look at the varying issues that a more widely-spread, globalised workforce brings to HR. We outline some of the core aims of a worldwide HR team and bring insights into the right people strategy and the right solutions for a truly mobile, efficient workforce.

You can read two extracts from this issue below:

The rise of a new generation

Today’s children are already full acclimatised to using technology as part of their everyday lives. How will this tech-savvy Generation Z transfer to the workplace and how will they choose to communicate?

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Removing the barriers to movement

The increasing complexity of global immigration legislation has led to distinct challenges for organisations whose employees are globally mobile. We look at how to remove the barriers to mobility.

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