Central Government - publications

Forces for change: the public’s view of defence

As we approach the Strategic Defence and Security, we survey the public on their views on the purpose and value of our Armed Forces.

Whitehall Matters: A collection of articles on the Spending Review

Our latest issue of Whitehall Matters includes a collection of articles looking ahead to the Spending Review 2015.

2015 Information security breaches survey

We have been commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to survey companies across the UK on cyber security incidents and emerging trends. This survey aimed to provide greater awareness amongst UK business of the risks, insights on how companies are mitigating those risks (or not) and key trends.

The Public Matters – Autumn 2014

In this issue, we share the public's perspectives on reforming public services and dealing with the deficit, lifting living standards and delivering good growth and good jobs. We also explore the role of deliberative research in policy making, more widely.

What next for the future shape of Whitehall?

Our latest issue of Whitehall Matters includes articles about the role of 'the centre' and civil service reform, the capabilities required to deliver public services within fiscal constraints, implementing new models of working and how to harness the potential of digital.

Re-defining growth: economic success through the eyes of the public

What does economic success look like in the eyes of the public? Is growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) enough? And will a wider definition of good growth help with policy and investment choices?

Employability and growth: re-thinking workplace skills

This publication sets out the opportunities for an employer-led skills system and calls for good jobs to provide a pathway to future careers.

Platform for growth: how to collaborate to drive recovery

This publication sets out the challenge for public sector organisations of balancing cost-cutting with a focus on growth. We argue that public leaders will need to work collaboratively with employers and the public to create a platform for growth.

Funding growth: delivering more for less

In this publication, we argue that collaboration needs to go hand-in-hand with competition for scarce resources, as envisaged by the Single Local Growth Fund.

Stepping stones to growth - our findings

Our new book, Stepping stones for growth explores what’s needed from government, alongside business, educators, the third sector and the public to support the recovery.

Future of Government:
What should tomorrow’s leading public body look like?

This publication explains why Government and public sector organisations world-wide must adjust to the new reality of ‘doing more for less’ (or ‘doing less for less’) and focus on the outcomes society needs and wants.