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Six months on from the EU referendum result, Theresa May used one of her opening speeches of 2017 to set out her government’s objectives for the negotiations to leave the EU, providing some clarity over the future for the UK post-Brexit on issues including the single market and the customs union.

However, uncertainty over the implications of leaving the EU for our universities remains. Since June 2016, all universities have been analysing the impact of Brexit on their student recruitment (both from the EU and other international markets), staffing, research funding and partnerships, to highlight just some.

This is in addition to the level of change already impacting the sector. Following on from recent changes in student financing and the removal of student number controls, the current Higher Education and Research Bill will bring about further demands from new government policy. And the impact of new technologies continues to affect the world in which universities operate.

All of which adds up to an environment where being informed, understanding risk and being agile is important.

In this ‘Beyond Brexit’ edition of our regular HE Matters, we explore various matters related to the impact of Brexit on the higher education sector. The articles deal with many of the core areas of uncertainty linked to Brexit, including:

  • The sustainable university looks at how institutions will need to change how they market themselves in a post Brexit world;
  • Setting the broader economic context, sets the broader economic outlook for the UK within which universities will be operating;
  • University financing in an uncertain environment, explores the impact of leaving the EU on university financing;
  • Managing higher education talent in a Brexit world examines the implications for people strategies in meeting the challenges that lie ahead; and
  • The immigration implications of Brexit for higher education delves more deeply into some of the options the government may take in setting new immigration rules;

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