Good growth for cities 2015: Our report on economic wellbeing in UK urban areas

The economic outlook in 2015 has improved, with rising employment and a welcome return to growth of real earnings, which means that the public is finally starting to feel the benefits of recovery.

This is our 4th Good Growth for Cities report where we measure the performance of the UK’s largest cities against a basket of ten categories defined by the public, and business, as key to economic success and wellbeing.

This year, we’ve also looked at the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ for the first time, which can be used in the future to assess the success of the move to devolve powers from a good growth perspective.

To deliver on the potential of decentralisation however, local institutions need to have the local leadership, capacity and capability as well as the accountability arrangements in place to support their case to government for further powers - and ensure good growth outcomes are achieved.