Beginning with the end in mind: outcome-based commissioning and community services

Working together on delivering patient centred outcomes should be top of the agenda for commissioners and providers today, with efforts focused on making sure that patients receive coordinated care that delivers the outcomes that they need and desire most. However, the way funds currently flow in health and social care can act as a barrier to shifting the focus away from activity and towards outcomes.

Outcome-based commissioning has emerged as a new way in which payment and contracting mechanisms reflect new models of care, by seeking to align incentives across all providers involved in delivering a person’s care around a common set of outcomes.

With outcome-based commissioning at a relatively early stage in the UK, PwC and NHS Confederation convened a workshop for providers and commissioners in February 2014 to explore its potential and challenges in relation to community services in particular.

Our briefing with NHS Confederation captures the key learning and main discussion points from the worship, including some of the key technical considerations that will need to be addressed in relation to outcome-based commissioning.