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Transport Central

New transport projects have the potential to make a generational difference to the way we live in the UK and to our economy. Better transport infrastructure can help rebalance the economy and connect our cities and regions, improving the lives of all us.

Delivering future city transport: Do you know…?

Improved urban transport is key to local economic growth and providing more opportunities for local citizens, but it is not given the political priority many believe it deserves. Our infographic provides some insight into our transport survey.

Full speed ahead: connecting our cities and regions

In association with Smith Institute, this Talking Points discusses how failure to invest in a more integrated and better connected transport network could leave UK plc at a competitive disadvantage. In particular, we wanted to discover more about the scale of the issue and explore what can be done to improve connectivity between cities and regions.

Smart moves: Tapping into growth in public transport

PwC’s third annual public transport ticketing survey, focussed on understanding if perceptions of current and future public transport ticketing options, as well as drivers and barriers to their adoption, were continuing to change.

Delivering future city transport

Exploring what city transport services might look like to better serve the future needs of our UK cities.

Smart Ticketing

Our fourth annual ticketing survey looks at how smart technology is changing transport across the UK. As regionalisation remains high up the political agenda, the Government needs to ensure the public transport network is robust and efficient.


In this video Neil Broadhead discusses a more holistic approach for the delivery of transport solutions.

Funding and financing

In this video Charles Johnson-Ferguson discusses the ways in which we might better fund and finance transport projects.

Information, flexibility and a joined-up framework form the foundation for better transport decisions

In this video Ray Mills looks at the challenges decision-makers are facing in order to provide long-term transport solutions.

Smart Ticketing

The public transport sector has yet to fully embrace the potential of new technologies. But there are signs of change.