Opportunities in Adversity: navigating from stormy waters into calmer seas

As analysts continue to forecast stormy waters for global oil prices during 2015, our latest Opportunities in Adversity video outlines the questions oil and gas executives need to ask themselves as they react to the ongoing maelstrom and challenges them to think differently about how they respond to the oil price correction.

Alison Baker, Head of UK Oil and Gas at PwC, and Viren Doshi, Head of Oil and Gas at Strategy&, look at the lessons that should be learned from previous price dips and the opportunities now open to firms as they navigate the volatile road ahead. 

They discuss the merits of a 'sail not rail' approach; switching from rigid strategy models that rail towards a destination to more flexible models, enabling firms to adapt and sail through adverse and uncertain times.   And with a greater focus now on increased agility and innovation, they reveal why Plan A (business as usual) and Plan B (cost reduction & CAPEX deferral) may no longer be fit for purpose in the current landscape and why Plan C could enable firms to react in a much more strategic and sustainable way.