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The face of towns and cities are changing. Technology and environmental factors are speeding up obsolescence. Commercial stock is no longer fit for purpose and some will be obsolete by law. The residential model is changing with a shift to rental and there are chronic shortages making available stock unaffordable. Ambitious new market entrants and IFRS 16 – the leases standard are increasing the demand for shorter more flexible leases. Add to the mix a better informed, more demanding occupier and the real estate model is evolving from financial asset class to service provider.


Emerging trends in real estate series – how business in Europe is changing

In Emerging Trends in Real Estate (ETRE) Europe 2016, produced with the Urban Land Institute (ULI), we highlighted examined fundamental changes that are occurring at the business end of the real estate industry. The survey revealed an industry trying to come to terms with the rapidly changing needs of occupiers and the disruptive forces of technology, demographics, social change and rapid urbanisation. We look in closer detail at how these disruptions are permeating through the real estate value chain.

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