AccessAble video transcript

Imagine if anyone could enter your building whenever they wanted...
They could go straight to your CEO’s office and copy next year’s strategy.
They could dig around in your archive and steal customer details.
Now think about all the people already inside your organisation. People coming. People going. And what about other third parties you work with? Do you know who has access to your systems and data? How well do you keep track?
Every day, data is lost from mistakes, misuse or malicious attacks.
PwC research shows that the majority of information security breaches stem from insiders accessing systems and data.
But that could all be different with AccessAble.
Combining PwC’s business process expertise with the world’s leading software from SailPoint, AccessAble is unlike traditional ‘on premise’ solutions.
It provides organisations with a fully cloud hosted service, identifying access pitfalls, and managing their access governance processes.
By putting governance first, AccessAble efficiently enhances and helps you manage your organisation’s information security, reducing your risk of insider breaches.
It’s about giving you peace of mind.
That your organisation and reputation are protected - especially in light of updated data privacy and protection regulations.
So, instead of worrying about overhead costs, you can get on with doing what you do best:
Building a business that’s successful and secure.

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