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Innovation & technology evolution are constantly changing the way value is created. Innovation has become the biggest source of revenue growth and value delivery, confirmed by 93% of CEOs in our recent survey. The top 20% of innovators achieve double the revenue growth compared to average companies, they’re generating $billions in extra revenue.

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Raiders of the lost art: Our innovation partner, David Percival shares his views on how companies can get their mojo back

Many companies are struggling to grow revenue. Leaders must focus on innovation and nurturing talent if they are to succeed.

Patent Box makes the UK an attractive place to do business

The UK Patent Box will introduce a 10% tax rate on UK profits attributable to patented inventions. The new regime will be phased in over four years from 1 April 2013.

Global innovation survey – UK highlights

Britain’s management teams need to step off the sidelines and back bolder innovations that will secure their companies’ futures and the UK’s economic recovery, future growth and competitiveness.

Breakthrough innovation and growth

The results of our survey of 1,757 executives couldn’t be clearer: innovation today is a key driver of organic growth for all companies—regardless of sector or geography.

Grow through innovation

Taking innovation to the next level

Be smart about accounting for R&D

In many circumstances it may be likely that the benefit is no longer accounted for in the tax line but instead offset against the R&D expenditure.

Making sense of the rapid change in mobile innovation

Where will the disruptions in mobile innovation arise over the next five years? How will they change consumer and employee behaviour? What business opportunities will result? What can companies do to take advantage of these disruptions?

Decoding innovation's DNA

Enterprise innovation and the role of information technology.

Pharma 2020: Virtual R&D

The second paper in the PwC Pharma 2020 series explores how pharma companies could dramatically improve the R&D productivity

Building on innovation – JCB’s story

Innovation and sustainability are concepts we think of as integral to any modern business. But JCB has based its business strategy on these two cornerstones ever since the company was founded by Joseph Cyril Bamford immediately after the Second World War.