The sharing economy

Megatrends collisions - the sharing economy

In this film, Celine Herweijer looks at drivers and opportunities in the dynamic collection of sectors known as the sharing economy.

The sharing economy is all about connecting demand to spare capacity or spare assets

In one sense, it has been with us forever, but over the last decade, it has grown from a means of transaction between friends and family, to become a global movement of businesses which are increasingly being valued in the billions.

As the megatrends evolve and collide, the sharing economy is becoming an increasingly accepted feature of the business landscape. In PwC research conducted in 2014, we estimated that five sharing sectors (peer-to-peer finance, online staffing, peer-to-peer accommodation, car sharing and music video streaming) have the potential to increase global revenues from around $15 billion now to $335 billion by 2025.

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