Five steps to success in the sharing economy

The sharing economy

In August 2014, we released research projecting that five ‘sharing economy’ sectors – peer-to-peer accommodation, car sharing, peer-to-peer finance, music, TV and video streaming, and online staffing – could potentially generate global revenues of $335bn by 2025.

Since then, sharing has moved up the business and political agenda: the UK Government announced an independent review to develop a route-map for the UK to become the ‘global centre’ of the sharing economy and funding rounds continue to see valuations in the sector grow.

Future or fad?

Nearly three quarters of those we spoke to saw the sharing economy as likely to be a significant feature of the business landscape in the future, leaving just over a quarter who saw it more as a passing fad.

We’ve highlighted some of their comments and our ideas for success in the sharing economy in our new report Five steps to success in the sharing economy, which looks at how companies can position themselves to make the most of the sharing economy.

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Five steps to success in the sharing economy: Report

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