The megatrends, what are they and how are they affecting you? Here, you’ll find all of our perspectives in one place, our distinctive point of view on what the megatrends mean for the future and for today. We want to participate in the wider debate and are keen to understand how these megatrends and the collisions between them are reshaping the economic and commercial landscape. What are the implications that they have for our clients, for us and for society?

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What is a Megatrend and why do they matter?

David Lancefield, Partner, PwC, gives an overview on how the megatrends are shaping business and society today and how they will affect everybody's future.

Megatrend matters blog

“Africa – for the first time in many centuries – is going to contribute quite significantly to global economic growth… So global economic growth is going to come through the emerging markets”

Brian Molefe, Group Chief Executive, Transnet

“Emerging markets, the BRICs for example, might have slowed down. But you have other emerging markets like Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey picking up some of that diminished growth”

Emilio Lozoya, CEO, Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex)

“The biggest trend is the ageing population. This is going to create both a massive risk and a massive opportunity for the world. On the risk side, who is going to pay for the healthcare as the big cohort moves through? If you look at the number of people who will be over 65 in a few decades, it is a staggering figure. But then you realise this is going to create demand for disease-modifying new agents. The IT explosion and what we are working on right now is going to lend itself to managing the challenges that come with the ageing population.”

Joseph Jimenez, CEO, Novartis

“The trust question is also a major issue for the oil and gas business.  You know, after politicians and bankers we come third in terms of lack of trust.  But energy is so pervasive that it affects everybody, regardless of where you are in the world.  I think the failure of trust and the way that trust has become an issue is really about communication breakdown.  We need to be communicating much better.”

Badr Jafar, CEO, Crescent Group

“It is important, especially in today’s environment, to continuously carry out a reality check vis-à-vis the current environment. While any organisation today should set a direction for where we all want to go, it’s also important to remember that we cannot blindly implement our directions and strategies without a continuous check against reality. And, in an environment which is as volatile as today’s, you have to keep calibrating your next steps and  your next action plan, depending on how the environment is moving.”

Chanda Kochhar, MD&CEO, ICICI Bank, India

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