Regulation is designed to create a level playing field in which competition can develop, and  it does so by defining the right balance between such competing objectives as:

  • Consumer interests
  • Investment incentives
  • The long-term growth and development of the communications sector

How do you minimise your company's regulatory exposure? Do you operate in more than one market in the same country? Do you operate in multiple markets in various countries? How do regulators maximise social welfare when confronted with a prescriptive regulatory framework? What impact does regulation have on investment incentives?

Appropriate regulation is about getting the balance right. The appropriate response to regulation also needs to be balanced. Who can provide the insight and expertise to achieve that balance?

How PricewaterhouseCoopers can help

PricewaterhouseCoopers helps communications companies develop and maintain a comprehensive regulatory strategy. Our services include planning scenarios, defining policy, communicating strategically, modelling costs and planning a well-organised regulatory function with the processes and procedures needed to achieve objectives. We also offer integrated regulatory and internal costing systems, performance measures, and litigation support for a wide range of regulatory investigations.