PwC Startup Growth Programme

A platform for fast growth, disruptive startups who want to shape the future through scalable innovation.

12 weeks

12 startups

2 programmes


The programmes

Future of work

The PwC Startup Growth Programme is home to the Future of Work; a 12 week programme which ultimately connects fast growing and revenue generating enterprise startups, with key decision makers within large organisations. In collaboration with SwiftScale, this intensive programme focuses on sales and traction for 12 startups, through executive mentorship, from PwC and the world's leading brands, lead generation and a sales-focused business curriculum.

By introducing our extensive client network and supporting the startups with our core businesses such as accounting, consulting, tax and legal, PwC is well positioned to deliver a programme that can deliver value and opportunities.

Status: Future of Work Winter ‘16 cohort is in flight, applications are now open for our spring ‘17 programme.


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Future of Health

PwC startup growth programme is proud to launch The Future of Health. Based in Manchester starting March 2017 in collaboration with UP ventures group, the 12 week programme focusses on employee wellbeing, connected healthcare and long term care. We invite fast growth startups who are looking to scale to apply. Through a mix of sector-focussed coaching from PwC and our clients, introductions and senior executive engagement, the programme will enable startups to grow their business and change the face of health.

Status: Applications are open for our Spring ‘17 cohort.

“Disruptive innovation in the work place is creating new challenges and opportunities for every business. Traditional industry and business models are rapidly evolving and new technologies, enhanced data analytics and changing demographics are re-shaping the world of work.”

Stephanie Hyde, Partner UK Executive Board


Commercial opportunities

Introductions to potential pilots and partnerships working alongside industry-leading organisations.

Access to key personnel

Leverage the breadth of our subject matter experts, influencers, senior industry leaders and decision makers and investors to build new networks.


Gain insight and discounts from PwC’s startup/SME focussed products and services such as My Financepartner, Nifty R&D and co-working space.

Publicity and exposure

Promotion through PwC and UP’s primary media channels. Invites to events, Demo Days, Investor lunches and client showcases.

Accelerated growth

Clear programme goals, tailored KPIs and continual performance reviews to drive revenue growth and/or market traction.

What’s the benefit for corporates?

Access to innovation

Leverage our extensive network of thought leaders, industry executives and senior PwC specialists and startups to drive innovation. Corporates increasingly strive to innovate but can be hindered by company structure and lack of access to the key personnel.

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Rapid problem solving

Discover and pilot technology that is disrupting the industry, whilst gaining exclusive early access to the latest innovation. Partnerships with startup companies can solve larger client problems in a lean and streamlined manner. 

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Brand exposure

Co-brand the programme, build and promote brand presence as a leading industry player within the startup ecosystem. Increasing brand awareness within the startup and entrepreneurial community is a challenge. Often the biggest issue is making the connections between large and small businesses, we bridge the gap.

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Connecting to talent

Connect with entrepreneurial talent who are shaping the future of business. Big name companies do not always have the best reach to some of the brightest emerging talent in the startup community; large brands can almost be off-putting. Engaging with the startup community identifies talent and the art of the possible.

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Competitive edge

Companies can no longer afford to do nothing in this space as more companies emerge and disrupt business models and take away customer bases. Engagement in the programme keeps rapidly evolving technology front of mind.

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"Disruptive innovations are creating new industries and business models, and destroying old ones."

Michael Rendell, Head of transformation and innovation, PwC

Get involved

The business landscape is changing, and PwC recognises that many companies within the SME market have a bold vision to define it.

As passionate supporters of startup and scale-up businesses, PwC works alongside these companies aiming to implement their visionary innovation for them and their clients. Through our vast network of specialists, and a firm understanding of the challenges and opportunities of scaling a business, PwC are well positioned to provide a wide-range of expertise at all stages of the startup growth cycle; from increasing sales opportunities through client introductions to providing HR, legal and tax advice.

PwC truly believes that collaboration and partnership is at the heart of successful innovation, and are excited to support emerging talent on their growth journey, by connecting them with the world’s most progressive and influential brands.

The programme allows large companies who want to innovate to input mentors, sponsor, engage in events, meet innovative companies and talented entrepreneurs. Together this benefits both the startups and the large companies. To get involved and find out more please contact PwC.

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