Exit Focus Series

Exit Focus is a five part series that helps you consider what’s important to you in selling or transferring ownership of your business.

Positioning your business
This first part explores the framework for developing an effective exit strategy - setting the  appropriate objectives and understanding the importance of effective and early planning.  

Finding the right buyer 
This report helps you look at your business through the eyes of a potential buyer and takes you through the various deal options. We examine the pros and cons of each and why you - or a buyer - may have a preference.

Preparing your business for sale
While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to help manage the challenge of simultaneously running a successful business and managing a sales process, this report suggests tactics to consider as well as mistakes to avoid in preparing for the sale of your business.

Coming soon:

Doing the deal
We discuss how to get from negotiation to closing, and avoid pitfalls on the way. The two critical elements of an optimal sales process are speed and control. With good preparation and a clearly developed timeline, you’re more likely to maintain both.

Preparing for life after the deal
Succeeding in business isn’t usually an accident. The same level of planning that got you where you are now will help preserve wealth and pass it to future generations. But doing it right means you need to plan for life after the deal before it happens.

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